Anything is possible
when you pay as you go.

Our purpose is to support small businesses, sole traders and start-ups in getting their online presence faster without a high upfront investment.


To become the 1st choice in semi-automated website creation platform for small businesses and start-ups.


  • Be known as a semi-automated platform that offers professional services to business owners in creating their websites.
  • To educate the business owners about the importance of becoming digital ready vs having a sophisticated website when starting a new business.
  • Be different to mainstream self-help website development platforms, such as Sqarespace and Wix, by providing a supportive ecosystem for our customers.

Why PAYG Websites?

small business

Our main focus on Websites that will help brick-and-mortar businesses become digitally ready and have a prominent online presence. Our templates are designed to offer optimal level of relevance to small businesses to showcase the key information, media with aesthetics that is unique to your business.

Self-help Web development platforms

Unlike mainstream self-help web development platforms, we offer a trouble-free creation of a Website, interaction with our support team and deliver a product that you want at an affordable rate. Which is why we offer 30-day money back guarantee with our Websites.